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"IDAIA" is an ancient name of Crete. "IDAIA" was called the mother of ten Curates, which gave birth to the king of Crete, Zeus (not to be confused with the God Zeus). To honor his wife, Zeus named the whole Crete "Idaia". The IDAIA WINERY, is located in an area that belongs to the P.D.O (Protected Designations of Origin) zone Dafnes, Heraklion. Since 1998, oenologists Vasilis Laderos and Kalliope Volitaki created with passion and knowledge, the "IDAIA WINERY" for the production and bottling of wines from varieties grown in their vineyards in the region of Maleviziou village. The village is located at one of the foothills of Mount Psiloritis, at an altitude of about 300 meters. The vineyards and some olive groves are located on the eastern side of the village, close to the old monastery of the Holy Virgin. The calcareous soils, the terrain together with its special microclimate, create an ideal place for viticulture and vinification of high-quality wines. The main objective of IDAIA winery is the production of distinctive wines in a region famous for its vineyards from the ancient times till the middle of last century. In an effort to promote the characteristics of local varieties associated with the microclimate of the area, very low yields are kept, raw materials are carefully selected and controlled vinification techniques are applied. These choices result in the production of fine wines with a strong personality and a solid aromatic character.

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