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Based in the municipality of Kozani, in the village of Krokos, the Saffron Agricultural  Cooperative was founded in 1971, with a view to harvesting, processing, packing and distributing the saffron of Krokos as its sole responsibility, thereby ensuring the quality and authenticity.  These days, the Cooperative has 2,000 members who are all saffron growers in 40 small villages within a few km of Krokos. Annual production depends upon the weather and ranges from 6-12 tons per year.  All producers are obliged to deliver their product to the cooperative, which in turn manages this precious product and has the exclusive right to harvesting, processing, packing and distributing. It is ISO 9002 certified and has also certified the organic cultivation of saffron as well. Greek red saffron from Kozani is a PDO product.

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